Mount Prospect

Mount Prospect, Illinois is a northwest suburb of Chicago. With a diverse population of over 54,000, an extensive school system and a strong base of both retail and professional businesses, Mount Prospect is a vibrant community that has much to offer, yet retains a sense of small town charm. 

The original inhabitants of the area that today encompasses Mount Prospect were Native Americans. Yankees were the first American settlers to the area and the first to clear the land and establish farms. Yet, the second group, German immigrants, had the most significant impact in terms of population and cultural traditions. 

In 1850, the train rolled into town. This led to an increasing specialization in the farming community. Not long after the train station was built, others began building stores and houses downtown and made the Village of Mount Prospect come to life. With all of this development, more people started to move to the area, and with a station downtown, the train now stopped in Mount Prospect.

    Mount Prospect has certainly changed. Today, we are a combination of many nationalities, award-winning schools, churches, local commerce, shopping and business centers, several park districts, a library, and highly rated Fire and Police Departments. Our Mayor and Trustees guide us into the future with the redevelopment of the downtown area. Our Village employees are dedicated to provided quality services. Despite all of this progress, Mount Prospect is still a Village whose slogan continues to ring true, "Where Friendliness is a Way of Life.”

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Demographics ~ General Stats

Total Population: 54589

Male: 27208 ( 50% )

Female: 27381 ( 50% )



25+ years old total:38232

Below 12th grade: 3787(10%)

12th grade w/ no degree: 680 (2%)

High School degree: 8292 (22%)

GED or Alternative Credentials: 771 (2%)

Some College, No Degree: 4282 (11%)

Associate's Degree: 3204 (8%)

Bachelor's Degree: 9213 (24%)

Master's Degree: 4297 (11%)

Professional Degree: 590 (2%)

Doctorate Degree: 424 (1%)

Marital Status:

15+ years old total: 44039

Never Married: 12140 (28%)

Now Married, Except Separated: 25555 (58%)

Seperated: 210 (1%)

Widowed: 2839 (6%)

Divorced: 3295 (7%)