How to Prepare your Home for Photos and Showings

Exterior Preparation 

* On the day of the photos, please remove the cars from the driveway

* Clean up the exterior ~ Clear the leaves in the fall, the snow in the winter

* Remove the water hoses from view

* Remove the scattered toys from the yard

*Clean the patios, outdoor tables and chairs

*Hide the trash cans

*Clean the front door ~ maybe dress it up with a wreath?

Interior Preparation

*Clean the house, windows and light fixtures

*Turn all TVs and Computer screens off

*Turn all lights and lamps on and ceiling fans off

* Hide all the shoes and jackets

All the bedrooms

* Clear the clutter on the night stands and dressers/tables

*Hide the phone charging cables

*Get bed spreads that cover the mattress

Kitchen preparation

*Super clean and clear the countertops

*Hide the small appliances ( 2 can stay)

*Clear the outside of the fridge (magnets and works of art)

*Clear the sink of all dishes

Bathrooms preparations

*Super clean the clear the countertops of hygiene items

*Put toilet seat down

*Fresh towel

*Clean Mirrors